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Titan Chains Assembly JobIf you are looking for a way to enter the home assembly work niche without having to deal with the typical scams that accompany this type of job then Titan Chains is the obvious answer. The demand for this type of work is apparent as seen from the staggering amount of searches performed on search engines for assembling products at home for money. But, intermixed within the search engine results for this type of job are numerous complaints from those who have been exposed to home assembly scams. Unfortunately, the majority of home assembly jobs are merely smartly devised schemes designed to scam people from their hard earned money. In view of this, it is extremely refreshing to see a reputable company like Titan Chains offering legitimate home assembly work to motivated individuals who are able to competently work well with their hands. As you shall soon see, Titan Chains is unlike all those illegitimate offers that target opportunity seekers with false promises and unreachable expectations.

Titan Chains Training KitFirst and foremost, with Titan Chains there are no start-up fees apart from the supplies you need to perform the work. The training kits contain all the materials and tools needed to make the quality stainless steel jewelry that is associated with the Titan Chains brand. Of course, home assemblers are able to use their own pliers and wire cutters as long as the tips are no larger than 2mm in diameter. This is to ensure that the loop design of all produced stainless steel jewelry remain consistent with their proprietary design. As well, there are various training kits that can be purchased which contain the necessary tools should the future assembler not have them already. A nice feature of Titan Chains is that they not only reimburse shipping costs but they also reimburse assemblers for the cost of the training kit once they have sent in their tenth lot.

Visit the Titan Chains Assembly JobTo become a home assembler for Titan Chains you need to purchase one of the training kits and make an interchangeable wrist wrap to be sent in for inspection. Once it has been determined that you are able to assemble quality products you will be issued a Titan Crafter ID which enables you to start earning money as a home based assembler. Some people have expressed concern about possible inability to meet quality guidelines but, unlike assembly scams, Titan Chains is dedicated to actively assisting their assemblers in order to ensure that a mutually rewarding working relationship is established. Should a person submit a product that is not accepted the assembler will have it returned with directions on how to correct the quality issues. As well, if a person prefers to reference a physical product rather than indepth instructions, they can always purchase a sample interchangeable wrist wrap(at cost) to accompany their training kit order. This setup ensures that everyone has the ability to learn the assembly process- whether they be quick learners or not. So, in essence, if a person is truly motivated and seeking an assembly career, Titan Chains is a guaranteed way to achieve that goal.

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Of course, once the wrist wrap is assembled as per specification it will be returned to the contractor for physical reference when assembling future product. When you submit your tenth lot(each lot consists of 10 wrist wraps) you can include and get paid for your sample if you do not wish to keep it. This is the only time that an assembler is permitted to submit 11 interchangeable wrist wraps in their lot. As well, at this point your loyalty is rewarded with the ability to request multiple lots at a time. This factor clearly sets Titan Chains apart from the rest as once you have achieved this level your earnings have no cap or limitation- apart from the time you have available to perform the assembly work. With each lot earning you a minimum of $120 it does not take a genius to realize that the earning potential with Titan Chains easily surpasses any other legitimate assembly opportunity available.

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There are many benefits to becoming a ceritifed Titan crafter with Titan Chains. Firstly, you will become an established home business owner that is able to ejoy greater tax deductions. As an independant contractor with Titan Chains you will receive a 1099 statement at the end of the year and are responsible for your own taxes as there are no deductions taken from your pay. Of course, the greatest feature of becoming a home assembler for Titan Chains is the ability to make money working out of your own home without a boss looking over your shoulder. Since assembling jewelry for Titan Chains does not require alot of work space this opportunity is ideal for anyone- whether they abide in an apartment or house. If that was not enough, Titan Chains gives their assemblers complete resell rights. In other words, if a home worker finds a buyer that will pay more than the Titan Chain buy back program then they are free to sell their assembled product without any legal repercussions.

It is pretty well guaranteed that a person seeking a home assembly career will not uncover a better offer than that afforded by Titan Chains. With their top notch training, absence of a membership fee and unlimited earning potential they clearly set the standard for legitimate assembly work. Most importantly, Titan Chains has an actual physical address and phone number unlike the “fly by night” home assembly scams. To get started you need to read and accept the Titan Crafter agreement. Immediately afterward, you can purchase a training kit which will enable you to assemble your first wrist wrap for inspection. Once it has been received and approved you will be accepted as a Titan crafter. As previously mentioned, if the wrist wrap is not approved you will be instructed on how to correct it so that it meets quality guidelines. In this way, whether you have a hard time learning the assembly process or not, you are guaranteed a position once you get accustomed to the crafting process. This factor in itself sets the Titan Chains assembly job apart from the renowned typical work at home scams.

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If you are looking for a home based assembly career that not only delivers a great income but also teaches you valuable skills which can prove useful for titancraftersfuture endeavors then be sure to get over to Titan Chains. By now, it should now be clear that an unprecedented income stream can be obtained through the Titan Chain buy back program or through enjoying the right of selling the quality stainless steel jewelry on your own terms….or both. The sky is the limit and once learning the skill to weave stainless steel there are endless creation possibilities for you to explore.

You could soon be assembling quality stainless steel jewelry like this.

You could soon be assembling quality stainless steel jewelry like this.